Welcome to Houston, we hope you like it here. Although we might be a little biased, we think Houston is the bee’s knees. Here are some of the hottest reasons to call Clutch City home - and we aren’t talking temperature here.

UNIQUE NEIGHBORHOODS – Houston is an eclectic city made up of a variety of neighborhoods - each one evoking a small town feeling different from the next. From historic West University Place and the Heights to urban Midtown and Montrose, the Bayou City has the right mix for your lifestyle.

LIFESTYLE – With lifestyle options for everyone, there are no housing limitations in Space City. You can live in the inner city within walking distance of antique shops, fun restaurants and palatial parks or you can head to the suburbs for big houses and even bigger yards. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, ya’ll.

CULTURE AND ARTS – Culturally-speaking, Houston has a more diverse population than New York City. With that comes an exciting blend of people making Houston a hub for all kinds of art and cultural backgrounds. From the countless museums and award-winning productions to art car parades and houses made of beer cans, you really can see it all.

FOOD – With a city so rich in cultural diversity, you’ll get to consume some really exquisite food. Over the last decade, Houston has become a hot spot for all things food. Known for our classic Tex-Mex and BBQ, Houston actually has whatever your taste buds are craving. We’ve found that the brisket at Gatlin’s is out of this world good and Mama Ninfa will never let you down. But if you’re feeling adventurous and willing to try something new, we recommend the coconut curry at Huynh or some fresh Brazilian cuisine from Andes Cafe.

SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES – Houstonians love their sports and boast large arenas to hold fans by the thousands. Baseball, basketball, football and soccer fans alike have a team to cheer for here, and perhaps one day Houston will have a hockey team again to bring those down out of the cold. Now if you’re more of a go-getter than just an enthusiast, Houston has a vast array of clubs and groups for anything and everything from softball to cycling and canoeing.

LOW COST OF LIVING – Living well won’t cost you as much down here. This translates to high-energy entrepreneurs with flourishing small businesses, and more fortune 500 companies headquartered here than anyplace except the Big Apple.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY – The friendliest people you’ll ever meet live deep in the heart of Texas. People will go out of their way to hold the door open or give you recommendations on places to go and where to eat. You’re not a stranger here… ever. It’s just the Houston way.