Developer Services

As any successful developer knows, there are a multitude of avoidable pitfalls and perils when bringing a property to market. The choices made during the planning phases can mean the difference between a financial windfall and financial ruin.

Having solid market insights, a compelling product offering, experienced representation, and impactful marketing in place are crucial steps in the life cycle of a development, and Peek Realty has the experience to help you make those crucial decisions to give you the best chance for success.

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach or running a playbook of developments past. We get involved in the planning stages with strategic insights tailored for your development at your location at your timeline and place in history. Sometimes small changes we recommend based on our intimate market knowledge can get you thousands more in value per unit when the time comes to cash in on your investment.

It all starts with planning on day one. From blueprint to reality.

  • Market analysis and forecasts
  • Demographic reports
  • Potential buyer profiles
  • Floor plan recommendations
  • Amenity recommendations
  • Pre-sales/Pre-leasing planning
  • Financial proformas

And when your property is ready for sales and leasing, we provide:

  • Turnkey branding and marketing materials
  • Sales office/trailer environments
  • On-site staffing
  • Marketing and advertising recommendations
  • Web sites
  • On-site signage
  • Public and media relations
  • Event planning and execution
  • Social media management

All of this leaves you with time to concentrate on what you do best – building quality environments where people want to be.

Investors love a plan, and we are here to help you formulate that plan and then see it through to completion so you can move on to your next development. We’re ready to build our relationship on the results we provide.

Talk with us about the holistic view we take of development. From start to finish, we’re involved, we're engaged, and we're accountable. Contact us today to get started.